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Complexes: Everybody's Got Them

Feeling angry, frustrated, out-of-the-blue sadness? Have you experienced assorted out-of-control, unexpected, and sudden inner and outer reactions? Do you get tongue twisted and have difficulty expressing yourself when there is something emotional being triggered in you? Etc. Here lies the frontier of our psychological dilemmas. Anyone reading this could easily add to the long list of how complexes manifest in their inner and outer lives, and the pain and suffering complexes engender.

We often worry about what other people think about us. This is particularly true about our relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, friends, enemies, romantic partners, and authority figures to name a few, as we endlessly attempt to prove ourselves to them. Meanwhile, the complexes keep us from becoming conscious enough to feel good about ourselves so we look outside of ourselves and get lost in patterns that may be holding us back from knowing inner happiness and peace.

Feelings of doubt, confusion, and running inner endless loop tapes about how we may feel unworthy of a friendship or successful opportunity being presented, or lack of self-esteem can prevent us from having hopes and dreams, or accomplishing them if we have them. Complexes can and do monopolize our lives, drain our physical and emotional energy, make us ill, AND our souls actually draw experiences to us in order to enact and work out these issues. This is bad news and yet good news. Complexes involve the ego and the personal unconscious levels. Usually our earliest losses and wounds set up us to repress and therefore carry the grief and suffering from these experiences into life at all stages. Exploring what repels you in others can lead you through your projections into areas of understanding for you; not always pleasant to look at but necessary ultimately.

Untangling these complexes, the thoughts and feelings we hide from ourselves and others where there is shame and blame, and perhaps accompanying anxiety in waking and dreaming, will lead to greater psychic wholeness. In fact people who have felt afraid to go into their complex areas often experience relief opening up, uncovering, and getting through them. It is freeing to release the trap doors of our minds and shed light into the dark corners of our souls.