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About Madhuri Marelli

Madhuri Marelli

The greatest joy in my professional life is and has been in assisting people in crossing over bridges of the unknown into the known, for physical, psychological, and spiritual health. My full time 37 year career in holistic integrative medicine as a Physician Assistant, and part time work in counseling the past 25 years has provided transformational growth and healing for others and myself.

We are in relationship in all the work we do together exploring and traversing the inner and outer life. Through the growing special bonds of deep caring, mutual respect, and acceptance, in an environment of authenticity, safety, and confidentiality, you can be heard as I sensitively listen. We listen to each other and a new sense of wholeness and confidence can develop within. I am here to be your personal guide.

I believe in the mind-body connection, meaning that outer realities, physical health, relationships, and wounds for example, can impact how and what we think and feel. Conversely, what we think and feel creates our inner and outer realities. My entire education, both formally and in the school of life, has been devoted to personal growth and assisting the growth of others. My father died very young. As a result of this trauma I was led into looking for answers psychologically, medically, and in the mysteries of life.